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LSM9DS0 Board v1

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Status: Completed

LSM9DS0 is a 9DoF sensor from ST and this board is the simplest Base Board compatible breakout board for it.


LSM9DS0 Board v1 gerbers
LSM9DS0 Board v1 3D

NOTE! 3D image shows the pin headers on the wrong side related to Base Board. LSM9DS0 Board v1 will be attached to the Base Board so that the LSM9DS0 chip is on top and the pins pointing down.

LSM9DS0 Board v1 schema


Ref Value Digikey ref Mouser ref
C1 4.7uF - -
C2 0.22uF - -
C3 100nF - -
C4 10uF - -
R1, R2 4.7kΩ - -
U1 LSM9DS0 - -
CN1, CN2 0.1" pin header - -


Four interrupt pins, although three of those are enough for basic interrupt based usage. Hard coded I2C address. Design directly from the data sheet.


  1. Should not have any traces below the chip.
  2. Probably should not have GND plate on the bottom side below the chip.