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Radio Board v2

After a too long break we finally got back to debugging the problems in the radio boards. There was’t actually anything seriously wrong, mainly smaller issues that together made things look worse than they were. Version 1 did have some … Continue reading

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First radio waves

First prototypes of our Radio Board v1 have been implemented succesfully. The board is based on TI’s CC430 technology platform. The exact model of the chip is CC430F5137 with 32K of flash and 4k of RAM, although these prototypes are … Continue reading

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Wiki opened

We now have a wiki. Not much there yet but hopefully more and more in the future. There are some details, including a lengthy list of bugs in the Control Board v1. All of those will be handled in a … Continue reading

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IMU sensor comparison

Continuing the quest started earlier for a good IMU, I listed some popular accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and pressure sensors with their most(?) important attributes. I have to admit that I’m quite unexperienced with these so I could have easily left … Continue reading

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Some IMUs and sensors

Everybody needs an IMU. We need one too. But why buy something ready when you can create your own and learn? 🙂 We’ve been following some IMU projects while trying to figure out what kind of IMU we would like … Continue reading

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Compiling STM32 examples in Linux

ST has quite a lot of source code examples for their evaluation boards introducing about all features of the boards. The downside is they support only commercial compilation environments, like IAR EWARM, MDK-ARM, RIDE, TASKING and TrueSTUDIO. The examples can … Continue reading

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OpenOCD with SWD

It’s often tricky to know what’s happening inside a microcontroller when everything is not going as planned. This post is about enabling GDB with chips providing the SWD interface, e.g. STM32 chips. For this you need an SWD dongle. If … Continue reading

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The cheapest SWD dongle: STM32 F1 discovery

There are two common big problems when playing with embedded software. How to get that to the chip and how to debug why nothing is happening. Many modern chips include a bootloader embedded in the ROM code that can program … Continue reading

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